Committed to being a continuously improving engineering leader.

I am grateful to have been given the responsibility to lead engineering teams and work with the leaders of companies to identify the goals of our business, learn about our users, and build products that deliver great value.

Through being an individual contributor for so long, where I was focused on backend development, devops, systems architecture, monitoring, amongst other daily responsibilities, I have a great deal of empathy for the role. With the charge of being an engineering leader, I wish to compassionately create environments where engineers are able to thrive. The crux of this is establishing and supporting a proud, passionate, curious, informed, motivated and continuously improving engineering team. An environment I would want for myself.

To achieve this, it starts from creating the right hiring practices to find great engineers, setting clear expectations for the commitments each team member expects of one another, ensuring every engineer understands the goals of the business, how each feature/story impacts the goals, supporting the goals of each individual on the team, ensuring that each teammate feels heard, establishing working agreements and continuously improving our processes to maintain a happy, healthy, productive and committed team. In my experience, this all helps maximize the velocity of the team, and results in the team feeling deep pride in their work.

Outside of my salaried leadership commitments, I find great pride in mentoring and supporting senior engineers that are transitioning into roles as engineering leaders and managers. Whether it's via Plato HQ, through peers in my professional network, or folks I meet on Lunchclub, I find great pride in helping other engineers find their path.

Relevant Work

  1. Company
    Stealth Mode Startup
    Technical Consultant
  2. Company
    Head of Engineering
  3. Company
    VP of Engineering
  4. Company
    Stitch Labs
    Tech Lead
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