I love music.
I love listening to it, djing it.
I love experiencing it with others.
I love dancing to it.

Music is a core feature of my life. Memories are imbued with songs that were part of the experience. Some of my happiest moments are from shows with friends, dancing, smiling and high-fiving. And many of my friendships are deepened by our shared love of music. I seek out music that makes me nod unconsciously, results in bass face, instantly gives me goosebumps. Often when I hear a song, that evokes these reactions, I share it with others who I know will experience that same joy. Below are some favorites I'd like to share with you, and I hope you find something that brings you similar joy.


  • Songs to Play at My Funeral

    Songs that bring the type of joy that unavoidably triggers goosebumps and a feeling of warmth that envelops my reality.

  • Preserves 🍓

    Jam bands, funk, and varieties of improvisational music

  • Cuban / Latin 💃🏽

    Mostly Spanish language music from 2 or more decades ago

  • Old School Jazz 🎷

    Some favorites, some classic, some off of the beaten path. All amazing imho.

  • British hip hop 🇬🇧🎤

    Those Brits are putting out some great hip hop. I'm a fan. I think you wil be too.